Thursday, April 5, 2012

Embrace the day

Some days just creep up on me. Living in my human experience I tend to recognize anniversaries. They are only a noticing, if you will, of the orbit of my life around the ever shining sun. At times I am amused that we put significance or attention on time's passages. Where I have my attention is where I am making my life happen...for good or ill.

I set my alarm for pre-dawn today. I want to be in the juice and the light of the whole day. Wholeness is what I have my attention on today. The wholeness of life, love and joy. I heard the first bird song of the morning, saw the first flock of bushtits zoom by the bedroom window and enjoyed a deep conversation with my beloved husband. All of this before the sun shone high above the San Luis Rey Valley. It's there behind the clouds!

How to celebrate the anniversary of the transcendence of my beloved Sam? Is it a celebration?Silly human mind. Sometimes it thinks in such small ways. What is it that his energy is up to know? Is there a time when I will let it be and bask in the wonder of it all? Will I stop crying? The questions are endless because Life is! Ha. Eternality is a glorious expression.

The last year has been one miracle building up for the next. I love where my life is going and the Good that is teasing itself forward. I am leaping, knowing that the net will be there...and I do not need it.

I am in gratitude to all the people who have showed such kindness and compassion during these times. I am relieved that Sam's transition was swift and non-violent. I send my love to Mr. and Mrs. Martin, Trayvon's parents. They must find more strength than I had to muster for the media spinning through the grief of letting their son move forward. Love.

Sam's birthday was Sunday. We planted some beautiful trees at a friend's home. They will welcome him and all of his guests with a grand and glorious view for many years to come. A befitting remembrance for a fine all to young man. A life fully lived and loved. The beauty is his legacy.

Morning ramblings from a momma of three amazing children.

Blessed Be Your Days. And Nights!