Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Morn

It is such a beautiful day today!
The sky has just the right amount of puffy clouds and there is a slight crisp present in the air.

I had fun watching two chicks in the chicken tractor yesterday. They work here too! The tractor is a contraption that sits on the ground and protects the chickens while they eat the weeds and bugs in a particular area. Since we had a bit of rain this month the weeds have germinated.

I have a little video for you today that shows how big they have grown in a couple of weeks.

The ducks have also been super effective at their work. I don't think there is one snail left anywhere. The hens offer us three eggs daily and I am creating a market for those eggs. They are quite yummy. This video has some morning sunlight in it, but I wanted to get their voices in there.
We are putting some fencing around the growing areas to keep them sequestered. It is a bit imposing and not very pretty but absolutely necessary. If we continue to let them roam we will have trampled plants. Not Good!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm happenings

I ordered seed!!!
Yippee for meeeee!

Talking and planning are all very well. It's the work getting done that creates the feasts on my friends' tables. So.....I am in joyful anticipation of a box of seeds. It will be here by Friday.
In the meantime there are beds to rake. Walkways to clean up. Trees to prune. Mulch to be placed. Kohlrabi is almost ready to be planted...YUUUUMMMMM!!

The new flock of chicks are doing very well. They are eating quite a bit of food...just as they should be! PIctures to follow.

Bandit was super sick last week and, thankfully is back to his peppy self. Iggy has a thick winter coat coming in. It could be a chilly one based on how he looks today!

I am teaching myself about worms in the next few weeks. We bought two bins and are happy to have another place to be putting our table scraps. They provide fantastic castings that are soil builders. You should see Lily's passion fruit vine. It loves the worm castings.

I love Autumn!

Food Day-Soap Box

Of course I have something to say today.
It's Food Day in the USA. A project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

I know all of your dear readers are good eaters. Some even choosing a plant based diet. I acknowledge your commitment to your personal care through your diet.
In French the word for diet is regime. And truly, that is what it is. A daily regime to care for your temple. Garbage in garbage out. Get the picture?
Living in the US it takes special attention, and quite possibly more money to take really good care of that! We are unsuspecting guinea pigs to an industrial food industry. The industry has expanded to include untested science in our day-to-day meals. Do you know what a GMO is? If you do be sure that you tell your friends. That's the untested science mentioned above. Since the GOM's have been introduced to the American people in 1995 there have been increases in Diabetes and Obesity and Heart Disease and ......

Anyway....It is up to us to be informed consumers and that is one point that I want to make today. There is a campaign to label GMO's on packaging. What, you say? They aren't labeled.
Well, Congress agreed with Monsanto and the other agribusinesses that the public would be confused with labeling. We are not stupid people and now there is a demand brewing for labeling.

Choosing organic food is the only guarantee that you have, at this point, of eating non-GMO foods.

Thanks for reading this. Please tell your friends. Talk about your food's sources. Do you know your farmer? She is your primary health care provider.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Life in the flow

I'm a stubborn woman.
I am pretty sure it contributes to tenacity, being stubborn. I am glad that Life affords me opportunities to listen, be flexible and move through the stubbornness. If I just trust the flow, I will be moved, no matter what, to my bliss.

That is why we went to the feed store and got another flock of chickens. Somewhere deep inside, I know that I am here to raise healthy birds and contribute to my friend's healthy eating practices. If the eggs are the only thing that I produce here, than I will have accomplished some Good.
Besides, they are so ding dang fun to watch.

They are enjoying their first dirt bath. They came straight from the feed store where they do not have the luxury of living on the ground. I think that their future is good and happy. There is plenty of room to stretch and they are protected from the older girls, who are very curious by the way!

Where is the flow of Life carrying you this autumn?