Monday, October 24, 2011

Food Day-Soap Box

Of course I have something to say today.
It's Food Day in the USA. A project of the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

I know all of your dear readers are good eaters. Some even choosing a plant based diet. I acknowledge your commitment to your personal care through your diet.
In French the word for diet is regime. And truly, that is what it is. A daily regime to care for your temple. Garbage in garbage out. Get the picture?
Living in the US it takes special attention, and quite possibly more money to take really good care of that! We are unsuspecting guinea pigs to an industrial food industry. The industry has expanded to include untested science in our day-to-day meals. Do you know what a GMO is? If you do be sure that you tell your friends. That's the untested science mentioned above. Since the GOM's have been introduced to the American people in 1995 there have been increases in Diabetes and Obesity and Heart Disease and ......

Anyway....It is up to us to be informed consumers and that is one point that I want to make today. There is a campaign to label GMO's on packaging. What, you say? They aren't labeled.
Well, Congress agreed with Monsanto and the other agribusinesses that the public would be confused with labeling. We are not stupid people and now there is a demand brewing for labeling.

Choosing organic food is the only guarantee that you have, at this point, of eating non-GMO foods.

Thanks for reading this. Please tell your friends. Talk about your food's sources. Do you know your farmer? She is your primary health care provider.

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