Monday, October 3, 2011

Life in the flow

I'm a stubborn woman.
I am pretty sure it contributes to tenacity, being stubborn. I am glad that Life affords me opportunities to listen, be flexible and move through the stubbornness. If I just trust the flow, I will be moved, no matter what, to my bliss.

That is why we went to the feed store and got another flock of chickens. Somewhere deep inside, I know that I am here to raise healthy birds and contribute to my friend's healthy eating practices. If the eggs are the only thing that I produce here, than I will have accomplished some Good.
Besides, they are so ding dang fun to watch.

They are enjoying their first dirt bath. They came straight from the feed store where they do not have the luxury of living on the ground. I think that their future is good and happy. There is plenty of room to stretch and they are protected from the older girls, who are very curious by the way!

Where is the flow of Life carrying you this autumn?

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