Monday, October 24, 2011

Farm happenings

I ordered seed!!!
Yippee for meeeee!

Talking and planning are all very well. It's the work getting done that creates the feasts on my friends' tables. So.....I am in joyful anticipation of a box of seeds. It will be here by Friday.
In the meantime there are beds to rake. Walkways to clean up. Trees to prune. Mulch to be placed. Kohlrabi is almost ready to be planted...YUUUUMMMMM!!

The new flock of chicks are doing very well. They are eating quite a bit of food...just as they should be! PIctures to follow.

Bandit was super sick last week and, thankfully is back to his peppy self. Iggy has a thick winter coat coming in. It could be a chilly one based on how he looks today!

I am teaching myself about worms in the next few weeks. We bought two bins and are happy to have another place to be putting our table scraps. They provide fantastic castings that are soil builders. You should see Lily's passion fruit vine. It loves the worm castings.

I love Autumn!


  1. Wonderful! I love Autumn as well. We have been wanting to plant some passion fruit Lily willing to share a clipping? We have some worm casting of our that we can promise to fertilize it with! Glad to here about the goings on in your world. Thinking of you! Lyn Heller-Altona

  2. Yay - seeds! We are up for a few hours of traipsing around in the dirt - do you have any weekends planned for that? Let us know! xo, K,T,A