Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Autumn Morn

It is such a beautiful day today!
The sky has just the right amount of puffy clouds and there is a slight crisp present in the air.

I had fun watching two chicks in the chicken tractor yesterday. They work here too! The tractor is a contraption that sits on the ground and protects the chickens while they eat the weeds and bugs in a particular area. Since we had a bit of rain this month the weeds have germinated.

I have a little video for you today that shows how big they have grown in a couple of weeks.

The ducks have also been super effective at their work. I don't think there is one snail left anywhere. The hens offer us three eggs daily and I am creating a market for those eggs. They are quite yummy. This video has some morning sunlight in it, but I wanted to get their voices in there.
We are putting some fencing around the growing areas to keep them sequestered. It is a bit imposing and not very pretty but absolutely necessary. If we continue to let them roam we will have trampled plants. Not Good!!

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