Monday, January 31, 2011


The world around me is washed anew. A delicious little storm came through and cleaned up the air. It smells so fresh today!
Again, a metaphor for my life. I am sitting here with pen poised to my to do list and nothing is coming through. So, bear with me as I prioritize my activities.
Last day of January. 31st day of 20heaven. New month tomorrow.
Be kind to yourself Laura. Then you'll be better at showing kindness to your family. Skip the potato chips this week. Eat some yummy greens. Make time for your Spirit to feel the kindness as well.
Stretch your imagination to see your wildly successful business humming along. Clarify your intention for the new field and what you want to do with it....not to it!
Ask where you can be of service. Step into that greatness. Where do your passions lie? What makes you sing?

That's better.
Our Slow Food convivium came to a farm tour and potluck on Saturday. It was delicious. The group was varied in age and that is what I find the most delicious. Young people interested in supporting local food producers. Eating great food rocks. Knowing your farmer rocks. We are moving into a great time of connection. The activities that we planned will be wonderful and accessible to many.

Eat well. Take your time.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Primarily honed

It was a day full of firsts. I just kept bumping up against them and then noticing them and then consciously creating them!
Coffee at sbux today....brewed Casi Cielo. Heaven in a cup. Sunny chat on the deck. First of many sunny chats!
I sat and weeded for the first time in quite a while. Revealing the sweet beets was a great meditation in the glorious seventy degree heat. Gotta love Bonsall in January. The first strings are set up for the peas to use as a trellis. They were happy to be released from the weeds as well.
We have been thinking about how to extend the chicken area to include a particularly nice area of fresh grass. The guys figured it out with a simple temporary extension to the fenced area. Those hens, under the watchful eye of cock-o, were in their chicken bliss today.
We are ready to plant a new bed in section one. The first bed in the first section of our garden. Are you getting the idea?? Ha!
The espresso machine on my kitchen counter was fired up today for a delicious coffee session.

My first adjustment from my beloved chiropractor was a sweet healing. I get onto that table and I instantly relax. I feel great. My gratitude is deep.

I am clearly focused on the magic of this week and what else can be. My dear friend Kristin is here with our family and it feels so good. We are creating a tremendous year and I love how it far.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rosy beginning

As the harp sounds of my alarm began, I opened one eye to peek.
I don't like to be jolted awake. Gently teased is more my style. That place between asleep and awake is so sacred. I get to pull my thoughts to a Good place if I gently tease my consciousness awake. Mindful mornings.
I was peeking to see if it was a rosy sky morning. To my delight, the answer was yes. The quality of the light astounds me. It fills me with wonder. As the sun rises the light slowly changes and the rosiness dissipates. And then it returns as the sunlight touches the hillside across the San Luis Rey Valley. The canyons are bathed in the rosy glow so that the shadows are visible. Thank you Nature for this view. This stepping off point for today.
I am in an expanded view of my year. The container for my experience has room for ideas and images to show up that began to show some interesting possibilities and ideas over the last 24 hours.
I have hit the reset button. We all do it at the beginning of the year. I feel like this was a really big reset, though. The springboard of ideas is looking like something that I had begun imagining some time ago. And it is BIG.

Picture a hot air balloon. When I was younger I was part of a balloon crew. Watching the balloon as it goes through the process to be airborne is a great metaphor for my life right now. As the envelope of the balloon lays on the ground the flame thrower heats the air inside. The envelope fills with the warmth air of imagination and desire. As the ideas expand and grow the balloon lifts up and becomes vertical and so light that it lifts the gondola basket off of the ground. From that view everything looks vast and expansive and available. It's quiet up here and oh, so beautiful. The perfect morning for a hot air balloon ride.

Enjoy the landscape.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A new week

Barking dogs, noisy roosters, hens cackling while they lay my breakfast egg. It's a beautiful morning in Bonsall.
Joe is back from his Portland to Bonsall road trip and a great time was had by all. We are a crowded house for a few days and I couldn't be happier!
So much newness is happening that I feel like I'm on the edge of my imagination. Gotta bump it out a wee bit further and then keep nudging it. The thing is, that I just can't box myself in. Something is knocking at my door and I can hear the subtle urgency of it. Urgency can be a negative word. It isn't meant to be here. It's more like an anticipation.
We step into a new year with great expectations and excitement. No different this time. What is fresh is the fact that the ties the appeared to bind us are not really tight. They are loose and can unravel for a higher Good than we were moving towards!

I have a friend who keeps a suitcase packed with some clothes at the new year. It brings travel into her life. I remember doing that one year and frankly, I always travel so the thought is out there for me as potential just generally speaking. I feng shui my house and, perhaps the farm somewhat. Yesterday, I was inspired to clean. I want to bring clarity and order to my thinking.
There is this place in my house that required some special attention.
I took this on as an exercise in mindfulness. Look at what you can clean out. Get clear, tidy and orderly.
You should see my fridge!! Ha!
No science projects this week. No more questionable sauces that have been around forever. A clean and tidy place to create more health in my life.

Go for it!
Have fun.
It's a glorious day made especially for you.