Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Rosy beginning

As the harp sounds of my alarm began, I opened one eye to peek.
I don't like to be jolted awake. Gently teased is more my style. That place between asleep and awake is so sacred. I get to pull my thoughts to a Good place if I gently tease my consciousness awake. Mindful mornings.
I was peeking to see if it was a rosy sky morning. To my delight, the answer was yes. The quality of the light astounds me. It fills me with wonder. As the sun rises the light slowly changes and the rosiness dissipates. And then it returns as the sunlight touches the hillside across the San Luis Rey Valley. The canyons are bathed in the rosy glow so that the shadows are visible. Thank you Nature for this view. This stepping off point for today.
I am in an expanded view of my year. The container for my experience has room for ideas and images to show up that began to show some interesting possibilities and ideas over the last 24 hours.
I have hit the reset button. We all do it at the beginning of the year. I feel like this was a really big reset, though. The springboard of ideas is looking like something that I had begun imagining some time ago. And it is BIG.

Picture a hot air balloon. When I was younger I was part of a balloon crew. Watching the balloon as it goes through the process to be airborne is a great metaphor for my life right now. As the envelope of the balloon lays on the ground the flame thrower heats the air inside. The envelope fills with the warmth air of imagination and desire. As the ideas expand and grow the balloon lifts up and becomes vertical and so light that it lifts the gondola basket off of the ground. From that view everything looks vast and expansive and available. It's quiet up here and oh, so beautiful. The perfect morning for a hot air balloon ride.

Enjoy the landscape.

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