Monday, January 31, 2011


The world around me is washed anew. A delicious little storm came through and cleaned up the air. It smells so fresh today!
Again, a metaphor for my life. I am sitting here with pen poised to my to do list and nothing is coming through. So, bear with me as I prioritize my activities.
Last day of January. 31st day of 20heaven. New month tomorrow.
Be kind to yourself Laura. Then you'll be better at showing kindness to your family. Skip the potato chips this week. Eat some yummy greens. Make time for your Spirit to feel the kindness as well.
Stretch your imagination to see your wildly successful business humming along. Clarify your intention for the new field and what you want to do with it....not to it!
Ask where you can be of service. Step into that greatness. Where do your passions lie? What makes you sing?

That's better.
Our Slow Food convivium came to a farm tour and potluck on Saturday. It was delicious. The group was varied in age and that is what I find the most delicious. Young people interested in supporting local food producers. Eating great food rocks. Knowing your farmer rocks. We are moving into a great time of connection. The activities that we planned will be wonderful and accessible to many.

Eat well. Take your time.

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  1. Be loved, as you give love! My dearest sister. I hope to see you on a Monday afternoon and night this year, after Expo. March 14th... I hope your couch is open.....See you soon.