Thursday, January 13, 2011

Primarily honed

It was a day full of firsts. I just kept bumping up against them and then noticing them and then consciously creating them!
Coffee at sbux today....brewed Casi Cielo. Heaven in a cup. Sunny chat on the deck. First of many sunny chats!
I sat and weeded for the first time in quite a while. Revealing the sweet beets was a great meditation in the glorious seventy degree heat. Gotta love Bonsall in January. The first strings are set up for the peas to use as a trellis. They were happy to be released from the weeds as well.
We have been thinking about how to extend the chicken area to include a particularly nice area of fresh grass. The guys figured it out with a simple temporary extension to the fenced area. Those hens, under the watchful eye of cock-o, were in their chicken bliss today.
We are ready to plant a new bed in section one. The first bed in the first section of our garden. Are you getting the idea?? Ha!
The espresso machine on my kitchen counter was fired up today for a delicious coffee session.

My first adjustment from my beloved chiropractor was a sweet healing. I get onto that table and I instantly relax. I feel great. My gratitude is deep.

I am clearly focused on the magic of this week and what else can be. My dear friend Kristin is here with our family and it feels so good. We are creating a tremendous year and I love how it far.

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