Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Solstice

Today, as I walked across the garden, the sun was just peeking over my neighbor's house. The chill in the air was not too cold. I didn't need my beanie or the hood on my sweatshirt. A good sign, to me, on the last morning of autumn.
In the autumn, I pull my energy inward and regroup. Kinda like Gaia. It is a process that has grown over the years. My beloved friend Jerry was a great teacher for me about that. Allow the rhythm of the planet to be your guide, Laura.
I wouldn't describe it as a battle against society and this nutty world that I am living in. It's moreso like moving in harmony. I am creating a world around myself that is so lovely and calm that it helps to balance the craziness that is showing up outside of my home. The Dalai Lama encourages us to be happy, thereby reducing the suffering in the world.
So, happiness is mine. In greater amounts each day. I sit at my desk with too much work to accomplish. In an instant I am in deep gratitude to have these tasks on my desk. They are shaping me into a greater Laura. I serve a higher purpose with my work and that, my friends is a great blessing.

Tonight we move to the return of the light. The Winter Solstice. Jerry would say it's the first day of Spring. Simply because he had been watching the diminishing light on his farm and was ready to start seeds in his greenhouse. It's the night of hope. Or possibility. In my mind's eye I see myself as a child with an impish grin looking toward the sun and delighting in its warmth and the beautiful light it sheds.
This is my holiday, the winter solstice...the real season! In the way a child delights in the pretty packages under the tree, I delight in the return of the light. I am ready.

This beautiful farm has been pulling her energy inward as well. A true reflection of the one tending to it.
We are on a hillside above the San Luis Rey River Valley, on the north slope. I watch out my window as the emerging sunlight touches the valley and the mountains...the south slopes. We wait for the light on our north slope and see great long shadows across the planting beds. Patience is mine for the next few weeks as we prepare for more sunlight across this beautiful valley to touch us as well.

In the mean time I finish the work of the world and plan the work of my home farm. I heard some people talking about the rat race yesterday. Funny term isn't it? I am not a rat. This is no race. I am enjoying the journey.

The light grows in my heart. It leads me to joyous experiences. It heals my sorrows. All is well. The year winds to completion and I am beginning to see the light of a very promising year ahead.

May your solstice light shine ever brighter.


Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing and glowing

I think that you may be wondering if I even grow anything anymore! I barely write about the farm and what is happening. It's indicative of the activities of my life of late.

Yes, we are growing food. We are networking and I think we are branding ourselves too.

A camera crew visited the farm to shoot some footage for a TV show. It will air in April. Scott the farmer and Scott the chef had a great time on Friday walking around the farm. They were all about the citrus and macadamia nuts. The greens played a part....more on that in a second.

I see what isn't done so often that I forget that there is amazing abundance all around. The citrus trees are packed with the next harvest, some of which will be soon. They look really healthy and I couldn't be more pleased. The mac nuts are about to drop a new crop. They are so yummy and surprisingly easy to care for. And when the trees are flowering in the spring...ahh! that fragrance is so pleasant.

Sunday night it all came together for an outside dinner that was a challenge for the midwest carnivore chef. Make us a vegan, gluten free meal without seitan and tofu. Scott was the sous chef, a part he plays well. The production crew was, shall we say, challenged. Their timing was disorganized. It's the producer's job to keep it on task and the crew was doing their dog-gonedness to get it going! I've done shoots for years and these gals left a lot to be desired in the time management arena...
I digress.

The greens were the starter in a sweet little bowl. My friends at Temecula Olive Oil Company provided the Hickory Smoked Oil and chef served it in a shot glass for us to drizzle onto the soup. Fantastic.
Next was an entree with a delish quinoa croquette with lightly pickled white beets. Our collards provided a wrap around a veggie roll. Our persimmon and chard stems were the dressing. YUMMMMM.
Desert, get this...avocado gelato. Oh! so fantastic....

So, my life in the last week has been filled with one delicious plate after another. I love this farming always leads to great meals.

The rain today is helping us dampen the newly tilled and raked beds. Planting next week. Oh! Yes!

Plant based diet. It's good for me. And oh! so tasty.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Calm Acceptance

I am happy to arrive at Sunday morning.
My husband is on his weekly call with his bestie in Florida....Do men have besties?? Yes, of course.
My daughter is snug in her bed covered in blankets dreaming her last dreams of the night.
My roommate will be stirring soon, get herself ready and be off for another epic day.
Hawks, jays and crows greet the day in their way. The sky is a shroud of gray pregnent with the coming storm.
Sunday is a great day to reflect and embody the gifts for the week gone by. It is a great day for preparation for what is to be in the week ahead. Perhaps you do this religiously. Sundays were my prep days when we were a homeschool family. It is a familiar ritual for my life.
My journal reflects more personal aspects of my reflections. I don't ned to be so naked here in cyberspace. Some things, many things, are meant for inner musings and not conversation or broadcasting! Just sayin'!

I search for the right expression of this reflection. I want to write it just so. So that I can really receive the bigger gift....the golden ticket.

I made my last trip to the desert for the year. Happily I zoomed across the landscape making a nice big circle of the trip. I am a backroads girl and one of my faves is S2 from Hwy 79 to Hwy 78 east of the Laguna Mountains. San Felipe Canyon is a lovely drive. Just enough curves and very light traffic
I am driving my new car and finding the feeling for the speed limits. You know how it feels to drive 55 or 60 in your car, without seeing the odometer. Well...I think this is one of the gifts of my week.
I stopped to film some cows along the road. The ranchers are Scott's newest client, so it was a silly treat for Scott. I pulled away from the side of the road and got myself back up to speed. Actually I got myself past the limit. Way past!!
When the Sheriff passed me, on his way back to the station, he knew it.
He had a radar!! (FYI)

Foot off the gas, braking after he goes around the curve, so he might not see the brake lights and just keep going. Then...the light show goes on and he pulls a u-turn.
At that moment, in earlier days of my life I would have behaved unconsciously. Adrenalin, heart racing, worry. But not this time. I knew that it would be fine. I knew that I didn't want a ticket. I had no fear and I was so calm that it surprised me.

We had a calm and civil interaction. He told me to slow down and sent me on my way. We wished each other Merry Christmas.

Stunned or...well, not the opposite of stunned. Simply impressed. I have come a long way.

I am living as...

Thank you for your love and support beloved Universal Love, Wisdom and Creativity.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eighth of Dec

Holy mistletoe...
Zooming towards a new year here! So much zoom and no posting time. Write Laura...WRITE!!!

The Universe had a delight in store for us this week. Well, many really. I have one that I want to share that is a mind-blower though. All of us folk who toil away at jobs we love...or don't. What do you think about this?

Two twenty-somethings cruising across the landscape with a desire to go where the universe sends them. Two backpacks, two duffel bags and a guitar. Hitch-hiking to points on an ethereal map.
Does it sound like something that you have done? Something that you want to do?

The story begins with a text from my cousin. She was curious if I knew of any farms in Arizona or New Mexico that were looking for help.

Heavens...I am asking for help at my place!!
Well, their mission was not to be at my place.

These free spirits showed up at our door last night and caught a ride to Indio with me. You part in their perfect plan of "going where the universe blows us" was to get them to the gateway of the open road to the west.
I knew the perfect truck stop and knew that they would have no problem getting a ride. So they did. Twenty minutes after I left they were on their way to Phoenix.

Way to go Universe.

So, the moral of this story is ...

Set your sails and tell the universe to blow you where it will. Your destiny awaits. The co-operative universe is standing by. Just waiting to be in your adventure.