Monday, December 12, 2011

Growing and glowing

I think that you may be wondering if I even grow anything anymore! I barely write about the farm and what is happening. It's indicative of the activities of my life of late.

Yes, we are growing food. We are networking and I think we are branding ourselves too.

A camera crew visited the farm to shoot some footage for a TV show. It will air in April. Scott the farmer and Scott the chef had a great time on Friday walking around the farm. They were all about the citrus and macadamia nuts. The greens played a part....more on that in a second.

I see what isn't done so often that I forget that there is amazing abundance all around. The citrus trees are packed with the next harvest, some of which will be soon. They look really healthy and I couldn't be more pleased. The mac nuts are about to drop a new crop. They are so yummy and surprisingly easy to care for. And when the trees are flowering in the spring...ahh! that fragrance is so pleasant.

Sunday night it all came together for an outside dinner that was a challenge for the midwest carnivore chef. Make us a vegan, gluten free meal without seitan and tofu. Scott was the sous chef, a part he plays well. The production crew was, shall we say, challenged. Their timing was disorganized. It's the producer's job to keep it on task and the crew was doing their dog-gonedness to get it going! I've done shoots for years and these gals left a lot to be desired in the time management arena...
I digress.

The greens were the starter in a sweet little bowl. My friends at Temecula Olive Oil Company provided the Hickory Smoked Oil and chef served it in a shot glass for us to drizzle onto the soup. Fantastic.
Next was an entree with a delish quinoa croquette with lightly pickled white beets. Our collards provided a wrap around a veggie roll. Our persimmon and chard stems were the dressing. YUMMMMM.
Desert, get this...avocado gelato. Oh! so fantastic....

So, my life in the last week has been filled with one delicious plate after another. I love this farming always leads to great meals.

The rain today is helping us dampen the newly tilled and raked beds. Planting next week. Oh! Yes!

Plant based diet. It's good for me. And oh! so tasty.

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  1. Good for me too. Been enjoying it without fail since 1975.