Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eighth of Dec

Holy mistletoe...
Zooming towards a new year here! So much zoom and no posting time. Write Laura...WRITE!!!

The Universe had a delight in store for us this week. Well, many really. I have one that I want to share that is a mind-blower though. All of us folk who toil away at jobs we love...or don't. What do you think about this?

Two twenty-somethings cruising across the landscape with a desire to go where the universe sends them. Two backpacks, two duffel bags and a guitar. Hitch-hiking to points on an ethereal map.
Does it sound like something that you have done? Something that you want to do?

The story begins with a text from my cousin. She was curious if I knew of any farms in Arizona or New Mexico that were looking for help.

Heavens...I am asking for help at my place!!
Well, their mission was not to be at my place.

These free spirits showed up at our door last night and caught a ride to Indio with me. You part in their perfect plan of "going where the universe blows us" was to get them to the gateway of the open road to the west.
I knew the perfect truck stop and knew that they would have no problem getting a ride. So they did. Twenty minutes after I left they were on their way to Phoenix.

Way to go Universe.

So, the moral of this story is ...

Set your sails and tell the universe to blow you where it will. Your destiny awaits. The co-operative universe is standing by. Just waiting to be in your adventure.

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