Tuesday, February 1, 2011


It's a great thing for a mama to see her children excited and happy about their lives. Last night was a double bonus.

Lily has a job. Sam has a job. They are both working in areas that are their passion.

Note to self and others: That's what it's all about. Live a passionate life.

There is a sweet health food store in Fallbrook. It has been a part of our life for many years, as it was once owned by our dear friends. The current owner has been watching Lily cook at church and offered her a job. Lily says she's wanted to work there since she was a little girl. Lily was bursting with possibilities last night. Fantastic.
Sam is already out the door today. He is working for an avocado grove management company owned by a family friend. He too was bursting, as only Sam can. He loves trees and loves to be outside. He made us a particularly tasty dinner and then made his lunch for today. Forward thinking! I see bowls and bowls of guacamole in our future.

My mantra...don't buy avocados. Haven't for years. Do you know where I live? I am surrounded by avocado groves!! Thank you MotherFatherGod.

Small delights for a partly sunny Tuesday morning. So thrilled for the growth and experiences that they will have and then share with us around our happy dinner table.

Sweet February.
Bring It On!

Peace and Freedom in the Middle East. Voices heard. Passions expressed. Repression ceased.

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  1. So happy that all your "chicks" are employed. How wonderful, I rejoice with you!