Friday, February 18, 2011

The Edge

Welcome to the edge.
As we prepared our coffee this morning we gazed out our picture window. The view, always wondrous, offered something extra this morning. The photo shows the edge of the coming storm. We are gonna get slammed today. Wind-rain-flooding. It's gonna be grand indeed!
The birds are chattering about getting themselves fed before it hits. Gracious!
In years past I have sat and waited and waited for storms that never amounted to anything. It has been a satisfying experience this winter to be fulfilled. The rain barrels are poised. The ground is ready to soak it in. Bring it on!

Does absence make the heart grow fonder. Are you disappointed that I have not blogged in a couple of weeks? Or is it me? Am I doing this for myself? Yep. Do I like to share with you too? Yep. So, be patient. I get really occupied with my life and my commitment to writing is not as great as some.

Life around here has been curious. We have had job offers and inquiries and job changes. We have been planting. We have more folks who want to be in our CSA. We are ready to add the second field that is nearby. All of this is on the edge! Bring it on.

I am set to accept a new job today. Call it the new era of working. 3 part time jobs that add up to somewhat of a full time salary. It keeps life interesting. I am excited to live in the time where I can work from my home and my commute consists of driving to beautiful farms across the southland. Does it get any better.

Well, yes. It does get better and that is the edge where I like to live.
How Good Can It Get?


Blessings for your weekend.

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  1. a 3rd job??? Whats this one ?? It was fun knowing I was following you towards Yuma the other day. It was a beautiful drive, thanks for that. Much love to you and yours! Sunny