Sunday, May 1, 2011

May I Be

Breathe. Beat. Blink. Step. Smell. Taste. Step.


I am glad for May. Beltane. May Day. Worker's Day. It all folds into the new moments that are wanting to be born in my life.

Michael Frank's song "Coming To Life" was ringing in my head during the last few days of April.
"April is not the cruelest month, if I may disagree..." I will not dwell in the space of these lyrics for too long. I do want to say that it may appear that April had some cruelness to it. I felt myself wanting it all to be over. Maybe when April ended I'd get...........Blah blah blah.
Did you ever talk about your situation with only the words blah blah blah blah blah. Emphasis on the blah.

Bring me a new month Goddess...

My birthday month is May. Is that the driving force behind my love of this month?

I receive each day's dawn as a blessing, so any day is good and any month is good...potentially. Especially with that attitude of gratitude

I am living in a whirlwind.
My life has been touched by deep sadness and profound love. It expresses simultaneously. It expresses in harmony. I am not trying to bury the sadness. It would be ridiculous to turn away from it. My sense right now is that I will be on the edge of sadness for every more. And yet that thought is counter intuitive to what is True in my life. In my philosophy.
My philosophy. Hmmm.
What is that? What is the philosophy that I call my OWN. What simmers inside of my spirit?

It is the constant force, spark, power. Love has cracked my heart open. It didn't have to do much to make that happen. I am already Love. I was already love before my life took this turn. So love is the journey towards that glorious destination. Where Sam is now. The "I am that I am becoming".
I am becoming more Love. I am becoming More Laura.

Beautifully being. Present. Aware. Attentive. Blessed.

May I be guided
May I be changed
May I be a blessing

May I .

I am all of that....As are you.

Happy May. Live it Well.

Blessed Be.