Wednesday, May 4, 2011


These last few days have been sunny from the beginning. That can translate as many things for many people. For me....I started my harvest early this morning to beat the heat. For my roomie it's a whole new paradigm. She moved from the PNW to the Desert Southwest. Adjustments can take bit of time and a brilliant imagination.
Ya folks....despite all of the green lawns that you see around you, this is an arid desert. The water is shipped from many miles away.....And the more heat we feel the more water we need on the growing beds. Everything is thirsty.

Growing....that's what I'm up to these days. Growing in my faith. Growing in my love for my beloved husband and children. For my brother. For all the people who are holding me in their prayers and sending their love to us. I am moving forward because of this support. I am so blessed to be living in the embrace of the Beloved and the glorious expressions of the Beloved that are in my friends and family. Gratitude for you all.......

There is so much to do and I am moving deliberately and slowly. There is nothing to rush. No thing becomes more important than the next. It all requires a new look, a new vision for what my life wants to become....
If you don't understand what I am be it. I understand.

Love. Pure and simple love is what I send across the space of cyber....

Blessings for your day...


  1. I caught that love. Thanks, Laura!

  2. Everyday you overwhelm me with a sense of love and gratefulness. I am ashamed with myself as I understand more about what life IS, through your words. Your strength and wisdom awake me. I am selfish for wanting to hear more and learn more from you my friend. You are my teacher.
    Thank You

  3. I love you sister..I feel and understand your love and.. it is who you are. Beautiful post!

  4. Love you sister. Your courage is awe inspiring.

    I watched Sam's service this morning and was so moved. Wide open.
    THANK YOU for sharing such a sacred time with us. The Love lives on.

    Please hug the PNWesterner for us. =)