Thursday, May 12, 2011

Snap out of it!

Better days are here...and ahead of me. can only get better from here.

My life is blessed with kind and generous people. Last night was a beautiful experience of just that!

The San Diego Earth Works VIP (Very Important Planet) reception was held last night. It is the annual fund raiser for the non-profit organization that creates the Earth Day celebration in Balboa Park each year.
(Some years we have seen 70,000 people attend the Earth Fair!!)
Scott was the president of that board for 10 of the 17 years that he served on the BOT. We go waaaay back to the time when we had one toddler! We are happy to have been involved with them and to have seen the changes that have taken place in San Diego County due to SDEW's influence over the years.
The reception is a chance to visit with eco-minded folks. There is yummy food to enjoy. Great earth-friendly silent auction items to bid and ultimately not win. Awards for eco-minded projects. You get the idea.
The awards are an inspiration. The VA hospital in La Jolla has a co-generation plant that is producing so much energy for the campus you would be blown away. The city of San Diego's water use reduction program was a huge success and lowered carbon emissions by some fantastic amount daily. All of this bodes well...a mindful group of humans taking responsibility and making changes.
A new award was given last night. It is called the Stand for Sam award. It is an award to acknowledge someone who has made a difference in a way that would have inspired Sam. So we presented the first of these awards to ECOLIFE, founded by Bill Toone. This man does amazing work to co-create a harmonic experience between nature and people....check it out. He's on the web.
Bill surprised us last night to say the his group will plant 30,000 trees in Michoacan, Mexico this year. Colour me inspired.

Breathing in the oxygen and feeling grand about all of this healing.

The award was hand made by a local artisan, of course!

What ideas are germinating in your mind?