Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Refreshed, revitalized and renewed.
That is how I am describing my overall attitude. It's the upswing from a dreary week.
Nothing like a weekend in the desert to perk up one's attitude.

We stayed with friends in Rancho Mirage over the weekend. If it was their intention to treat us like royalty...they hit the mark. We were wined and dined, rested and relaxed. Something that is quite rare for Scott! His voice was even in a mellow place.

Of course, we always make time to talk about business. That is what happens when one is a business owner. It was the conversation about the present and the direction that we want to head that seemed to be the most invigorating. I won't say that I am excited. I am however, ready.
Ready to surge forward. There is much to do and our plans are forming.

Funny that today is gray and drizzl-y. It is not a reflection of my mood. It's so charming to have a wet day. It's May 17th for godssakes!!
We were planning to get a huge delivery of compost. Not sure about the safety of the truck on the driveway now!! HMMM...

Gratitude for all of the wonder that pulls on my imagination.

Peace and Blessings...

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