Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Critters with beaks and snouts

Our morning routine is simple.

Step one: Don't sleep in!
Step two: Brew coffee
Step three: Feed everyone of those animals. Then feed the human animals! Starting with coffee...

We are blessed with way too many animals here on the farm. Three flocks of chickens for fresh eggs but some of the chickens are not laying and we just haven't gotten around to the reality of that. In March we received the box with 4 ducklings. They are the snail and weed control partners! The ducks sleep in the greenhouse and we have to walk them down into the garden each day. It is so delightful to see them and hear them. They have grown so very fast. Their wings will need to be clipped pretty soon so that they do not fly away.

We live in this dreamy foggy place right now. Decisions and choices looming on the horizon will be tended to as we can muster the attention to those things. Going slow is a new experience for all of us. We try to be tender with each other and stay away from stressful thoughts and experiences.
This life stressful enough.

I breathe. I try to find time alone and then see that my life is not giving me that.

I am headed out to an inspection this morning.
Under the category of "Some people do not know what to say when a person's son has passed" this man takes the cake! "Call me when you get our life together" "Did you get over it"? "Oh! I guess you don't get over it"....master of the social graces! This will be interesting.

Another gorgeous Santa Ana clear skies day awaits. Looking for love and good all around!

Find what you love. Love what you find.


  1. The unskilled who roam this world. It takes work sometimes to find the heart to bless them.

  2. You don't "get over it" but you will "move through it", with the love and grace that is the essence of your family. I am here for you, always.....

  3. blessed be the animals... and coffee