Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh! What a Night.

And so it begins.

Here is the new day of my life. It dawned with a little bit of a marine/cloud layer. It's how my brain felt this morning. I awoke with those lovely ducks on my mind and what absolutely must be accomplished for their housing this weekend. But beyond that, the cloudiness was a fog hiding something that is so magical and shimmering that all I can do is be curious about it. Step towards it and follow its lead!
No need to run an old tape in my head that it's scary. Pishaw....over the fear. Just loving the curiosity and the delight of what I am allowing to be created.
Last night was the first event to benefit Sam Murray's Future Farm Foundation. It was a benefit concert in a coffee house near our home. The music was divine. The crowd enthralled. The love was palpable. I spoke to the group about Sam' s passion and our desire to carry that forward. It was so very good.
Our host, Feeding the Soul Foundation, is supporting us with so much love and kindness as we create the program, the intention and breadth of what this can be. Their foundation is on the internet at Service is their desire. What a great gift they are to me and my family.

The way that they speak about being available to serve is heading me in a direction of greater service. In recent weeks I have felt that I have been served so very much. I also know that I have been of service to many as well. My mind tries to quantify it. How silly.

Be in grace and let your love flow Laura. Wrap the world in your embrace Laura and you too are included.

Mother's Day began as an appeal for peace from mothers. It wasn't Hallmark!!

May you bless your birth mother with love this weekend.
May you bless our Earth Mother this weekend.

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  1. Phew.

    I am blessed by you -- my mother mentor.

    Adore you.