Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dear Reader

Dear Reader,
Do you really care that I stay on track with one of my many passions in this blog? Do you want me to write to entertain you?
Is your interest purely relating to the farming passion of my life? Spirituality? Food? Family? Music?

What is the point of one's blog, anyway?

I have a couple of answers that I think will move me ahead in this glorious life that is living as me.
I am passionate about love and living. This means that there are many areas that are an influence to my joy. So I propose that I write about the things that turn me on. As well as the things that give my life meaning. So, really, I am writing for me. If you find that you are touched in some way...then great. If no....go to the next blog. There are plenty.

Our self-named "rowdy neighbor boys" are some of the best neighbors we have ever had. Thoughtful, engaging, kind, happy people! They are brilliant young men who happen to live in a gorgeous house on a quiet rural-almost-urban easement. They have lots of interests, including delicious food. They hunt and fish and are oh so kind to share with us.
(I have a wild turkey breast that I get to find a great recipe for)

Last night I prepared some fresh local blue fin tuna that they caught off our coast.
We have mac nut trees on our property and I was inspired to make a mac nut parmesan "crust" for the fish. Lily carmelized some of our onions to accompany the fish. It was a delicious meal. Super delicious.

Thanks Aaron and Garrett. Keep on inspiring me.

What inspires you?


  1. I'm here reading ya Babe! Wish I was there eating with you too.....such nice neighbors!