Monday, August 15, 2011

Home again

This has been the most EPIC summer. I have traveled more than I had ever expected at the year's beginning! Thank you to the fossils of the dinosaurs for the juice to zoom across the highways and the skies.

I am living a charmed life. So are you.

Charm and serendipity flow everywhere. From here to eternity. Just gotta see it and jump into the whirlwind of it. I allow it to carry me and my intentions along.

My heart has lead me to wonderful experiences of love and service and I am eager to see it all fall into place.
On Thursday we toured some homes near us that are beautiful places where adults are living with autism and it's effects. Soon there will be fresh food growing in the yards and the goodness will be prepared into ever greater meals and joy will be flowing. It is a glorious thing. Thank you for the opportunity. This is gonna be so cool!

Our urban farm is kicking out food again. Zucchini cakes and whatever other recipes I can come up with for zucchini will grace our table for days!

I began canning last week. I love August. So much creativity on the counters. I am charged with keeping them clean so that the canvas can be ready for anything!

Life is Wonderful. Life is Meaningful.

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