Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Emerging from the dust storm

I disappeared in February. Whatever... you all have lives and so do I. Living them is the point people. I can commit and recommit anytime!

So recommitted am I.
Particularly because I survived yesterday's folly.

I had a lovely inspection trip to Yuma and was completely seduced by the warmth of the sun. I drove merrily westward seeking the solace of my beloved's arms.

The challenge was getting through the dust storm on my chosen highway. I drove towards this huge dust cloud as if it were a normal occurrence. I didn't even have a thought about it.
The wind was blowing at least 25 mph and the sand was so thick that at times I could not see for more than 5 feet in front of the car. Terrifying. Talk about praying without ceasing. That section of road is about 20 miles of desert without any vegetation to hold the sand in place. was flying towards my car and smacking against the windows.

I am crazy adventurous stupid alive elated relieved delighted to be home.

Blessings for your adventures today.

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