Monday, January 23, 2012

Lovin' the rain

Today's rain was fantastic. I delighted in watching it as I prepared a luncheon for 50 guests that is to be served on Tuesday. The clouds danced across the San Luis Rey Valley moving with a beauty that was captivating. The light and movement is a dance that changes moment to moment.

I have given myself many experiences to enjoy over the last 7 days and in the next few days. Most are work related. My agreement with myself is to be in the moment. A view of the activities could turn me into a crazy stressed momma (with a little bit of fun in some places along the way). I prefer, though, to stay on task and be a celebrant of the very moment in which I sit or stand. I do not let myself indulge in scary tactics of freaking out about my workload, or the challenge of making lunch for 50 wonderful people. Or completing the 7 reports for the inspections that I did last week. Or....or.....or....Blah blah blah.
I have accomplished the goal rather well. Thank you very much! I am also in the process of accomplishing it to. More celebrating later in the week!

I watched Downton Abbey with Lily last night...The first episode about World War One. Why didn't we figure it out at the beginning of the last century that war is not healthy for anyone? Can you tell me? War is OVER!

I dined at a favourite restaurant in O'side on Saturday. The restaurant was hoppin' and I looked around to see some folks that I know waiting for tables, as were we. I had a quick chat with my first midwife, who is a treasure in my life. She delivered Joe into this world with me. Another quick chat with a new friend, who serves beyond measure. The company at my table, of course more treasures. What a rich evening.

Life is delicious.

It's a new year for billions of Chinese and other cultures around the world.

Dragons rock.

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