Friday, January 6, 2012

Visions of gluttony

This week was a great start to the new month.
I jumped right in to my work life. We have guests working in the garden. Scott is rolling in plenty of projects. Lily has photo shoots. Joe has a new place and is getting his life in SD started...And it's only Friday!
We are major achievers. Maybe over-achievers. Hmmm...whatever. I'm in It to Win it!!!

I attended a vision board class last night and put together the coolest treasure map that I have done in my life so far. It's full of inspiration for this year's experiences and intentions. I am delighted to be in this place of renewal and rebirth. We westerners do it collectively based on the Gregorian Calendar. Some call their intentions resolutions. Ugh! I am setting myself up for delightful results. Bring it!
I give myself many renewals during the year, based on all of the areas of interest that I embrace.
Next is the year of the dragon....

Coyote has enjoyed feasting in the chicken yard this week. Older hens are slower to get away. Sad but true. Must get protection to a better level now. More tasks!
The greens are weeded and fertilized and the water barrels are empty now. We are ready for rain to bless the soil. I may get the next section planted before it rains. That would be ideal.

Joe's moving this month. I get to create my office/den/study/meditation space. It's gonna rock. I have selected the paint and will be looking for better desk-type setups.

I inspected a packing facility near the Otay Mesa border crossing on the US/Mexico border. I was stunned by the number of trucks traveling along the road with produce and goods from Mexico. Hundreds and hundreds of 18-wheelers spewing diesel so that folks can enjoy cukes and tomatoes and zucchini in winter.
Got you thinking haven't I? How many miles is on your dinner plate. Good thing we don't have to eat the diesel fuel too.

2012 week one was great. I'm ready for week two. Especially because there is a weekend in between!

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