Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Road goddess

Greetings from sunny Yuma!!
The last time I was here it was 113 degrees. It's quite a different picture in January. The skies are clear and very chilly at night! The wind was howling it's alot more calm.
And so am I!
I have two more inspections and then I'm jetting home...well zooming home.
I have enjoyed this trip. A new year gives a good look at operating systems...the inner and outer human ones. Organization of the activities that I accomplish on the road is the key to feeling un-stressed.
Stress is not my companion. She is the instigator of change. So...she has accomplished her task this time around.
Thanks be......

Gotta zoom to the first farm of the day.

Blessed be this glorious day and all that I touch and all that touches me.

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