Monday, January 9, 2012

Full Moon Morning

What a spectacular morning. The moon was setting as our alarms began to wake us. It was hanging just above the hills along the coast. I was completely smitten with the view. Chilly as it was I just had to get outside and wash myself with the dawning day and setting full moon. Big deep breaths as I stood in awe and wonder!
Thank you Beloved Creator for this very wonderful day. Fresh and clean and ready!

We had a great time in the garden yesterday. The grapefruit needed some major attention and Lily and I were happily pruning away all the dead wood. Such a great metaphor for a new year and a new month! The tree is fertilized and irrigated and lighter. The fruit will be so delicious.
I got busy on the apricot too. It looks much better and perhaps the loving attention and clean up will coax some fruit for us to enjoy! It's a miracle that the tree is even alive!
Scott and Lily worked on the chicken roost and nesting box. We prefer to re-purpose different things that have been accumulating around the place. Scott found plenty of pieces to get going. Maybe it will get done in the next few days.
Stepping forward in joy and gleeeeeee!!

Blessed Beeeeee!

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