Sunday, January 15, 2012

What a week

Big Breath....
So glad it is the Sabbath....Well, I can make anytime a sabbath and today suits me well. Thank you very much!!
I had a rough week. Enough said about that. Some love was all I needed and I piled it on in great beg doses.
Part of the love was to get my clean on....get up from my chair and away from my computer and tidy up. That is a great way for me to fall in love with my life again!

I begin a new week today. Jumping in to a "busy many days ahead" mode. So I am organizing my work and my fun and finding a good balance with both. I'll be headed to Imperial Valley and Yuma for a couple of nights.
While I travel my sweet Joe will be moving his boxes to his new place in Normal Heights/North Park. He is stoked and I am excited for what is unfolding for him. He'll ride his bike to school and walk around his neighborhood to his heart's delight. Yeay for him.

I'll move into my new office in a week or so. Just enough time to get Joe's gear settled and to get my head calmed about just how gigantic of a thing this is. Stay busy momma and maybe it will be easier.
Pay attention to the greater Good and it will be easy.
Life has been good at presenting its passages and reminding me that I am capable and strong and wise.
Especially that I am strong. Weakness makes me someone other than I want to be.

Did it. Wrote and didn't detail it to give it any more juice...any more energy. The new week has begun.
Thanks be to the revolving planet. Thanks to the bright sun that hides behind the clouds today. We are all moving.....evolving and revolving. Where is your centre???

Big Breath.

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