Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bon annee tout le monde

Hello world...it's me, Laura.
What, you didn't recognize me? Why? Oh! I look different, I feel refreshed. Renewed.


I celebrated the year's end with a wedding in The San Pasqual Valley. The happy couple exchanged their devotions to each other with the majestic rocky hills behind them. I saw my first broomstick ceremony...profound indeed. Look it up if you don't know, because you should know what that is...
Attending a wedding with treasured friends is the greatest way I could say so long to a crazy yucky amazing sorrowful tremendous year. Attending a wedding is a community gathering that affirms that love is the Truth between us. Love is what I am. It is what I claim in my life.

I delight and revel in the connections that I make. I treasure and cherish the moments...remember them and embody the love that they express.

As a new year approaches, I take a gander around my home and see all of the things that I do not want to take into the New Year. My office was the most urgent matter. I'm inspired by Lily switching rooms and the move that Joe will be making soon.
In preparation for having my own office, with a door to close, I got my office space re-organized. I bought a new chair, rearranged my desk and most likely will recycle a huge amount of papers over the next month!! My employer is moving to be more paper-free and that is just fine with me!

We are expecting the return of the happy travelers tomorrow. Their adventures are going to include a longer stay with us. Their arrival moves us back into farm mode. I couldn't be happier! We have another flock of chickens headed our way in about 5 weeks and we have many preparations to make for the flock that is growing very quickly right under our noses! The greenhouse will get an east wall and we will get transplants started in a couple of weeks for the spring planting!!
We are happy to have the support of these youngsters!!! HAHAHAHAHA

I have cleared out some clutter, mentally and physically. The space is renewed to create cleaner work patterns and clearer strategies. That is the best way I ca think of to head into the first week of 2012.

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