Friday, June 3, 2011


Today I am my genuine Self.

The curious whirling dervish of a BEing...clothed in the roles of Goddess, woman, momma, sister, friend... more and more.

I wear a lot of hats-thus my hat collection.

My inner voice is in seeking mode today. The beauty of this day can be gone before I dwell in the Infinite's answers. Go ahead....ask!

I am asking mySelf today...

What is beyond/behind/creating the roles that I so willingly play??

Hmmmm. The delicious mystery of the moment.

Am I the breeze whistling through the trees?

Am I the bird of prey with snake hanging from my talons?

Am I the blue true dream of sky?

I Am. That and All that Is.

Given those truths, I Am a stand for love.

As I Am a stand for love, I love myself through each day and give myself permission and power to be All that I am to Be.

No matter what it looks like.

Grace come forth. Peace come forth. Love hold it all.

Will the Real Laura Murray please stand up...

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