Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pass the Word

Isn't it funny that life has become about remembering the passwords. I started thinking about posting a blog and couldn't quite remember which one was for this one. You know? I have a head full of them and just praise the times that I remember them.
I guess I shouldn't have listed to that story on NPR about the dementia cluster near Medellin, Colombia...power of suggestion 'n all!

That's not really what is on my mind tonight though.

Fabulous food for a fortnight.
That is my inspiration tonight.
For the last two weeks I have sat and enjoyed some stunning meals.

You can stop here if you are the jealous foodie type. Trust me.....

I don't think I'll post any pictures. I just want to remember them in writing.
Night Number Uno...
12 courses at an exquisitely beautiful home on a cliff above the Pacific Ocean. Yep, 12 courses. 12 chefs. 12 pairings with wines, beers, cider and cocktails. The setting was breathtaking. The company, a crowd of food producers and purveyors. Singing to the choir with the bounty. We were all blown away. A great big thank you for all that we do to shepherd local goodies to grateful kitchens and eaters.
That was a WOW event. Hard to top it.....I'm available mind you. Bring it on..I just need to recover from the other dinners before I can wrap my head around even more grandeur and abundance.

Two farm to fork dinners and a meal at Stone Wold Bistro helped add to the fun fortnight. The f2f chefs know how to treat a girl to some yummy fare that is fresh and light and tasty. Tables set masterfully in garden/farm settings. Great company and an invitation to sit with people you don't know. I met a newlywed couple who are moving to London. Brilliant! (She's is leaving her position at Nokia and sez sell your Nokia stock).
Stone always has yummy food and the service staff rocks......biased am I. Love the CEO and love his (recently promoted) server Joe!

Now, it wasn't all about food and drink, mind you. There was also great music for the second week of the fortnight. I feasted my ears to Brett Dennen, Ariah Firefly, Dawn Mitschele, Jason Mraz, Makepeace Brothers, Charlie Mars and Tristan Prettyman. Six of these great musicians played today at two fund raisers. Epic musical pleasure. I love love love live music and the joy it brings to my life.

I am happy. I am content. I am well fed. I can still fit into my clothes.

It's all Good!!!

Sunday.....Men in kilts. Cabers. Wicked Tinkers.
Highland games here I come!

More written about doing than being tonight. I didn't want to forget these activities. I am not always this busy because it doesn't serve me. I know that down time is crucial to my well being.

And my Being likes well-ness.

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