Sunday, July 3, 2011

Ahh!! Summer.

Woke up in the house this morning and it was just Scott and I. Lily's having fun with some friends in the Temecula Valley. It must be beautiful there this morning cuz the clouds have already burned away here. Empty funny when it's so full of love and possibilities. The memories are overflowing! It's a grand practice to choose the ones that make me smile. That is my newest spiritual practice. Not avoiding the sorrow....just re-directing the energy to JOY!!!

The farm is looking so lovely. On Tuesday my soil sisters and I planted tomatoes and basil.....Bring on the mozza and we'll enjoy all of it the last summer! Last night Scott and I planted beans, squash, cukes and bunching onions. It was late in the day...the luxury of having a farm wrapped around my house is that I can nap in the heat and come out to play later...after the heat. The softened light hit the bed just right and showed us this sweet sprouting of red romaine lettuce volunteers. Now, that is a great way to turn a though around. I could have been really bummed about missing fantastic is Nature that it makes its own way....given all the right conditions.

Praying for Nature to rain without lightening or strong winds on the fire striken areas of Arizona and New Mexico. Praying for the safety of my sons' friends who are fighting wildfires far away from home. May they be protected and honored for their service.

Happy Independence Weekend All!!!

Blessed in our Inter-dependence in creating Heaven on Earth.
Follow Your Folly.
Follow Your Bliss.

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