Saturday, July 9, 2011

I am in love.

It’s a beautiful thing.

You might think that it is something you already know. That love is deep and true and strong.

This is a new love.

It’s something that kinda jumped at me this weekend.

I’m in Colorado visiting friends. We are staying in Centennial and in anticipation of a wedding in Lakewood. Nice names for communities, eh?

So…this love has shown up through my friends and through the experiences that we are sharing.

Thunderstorms brew and blow and bang and pour.

Conversations are such delicious soup.

I love it here in Colorado.

I have been thinking about love-all the way here and the whole time that I have been here. How much we have. Well, how much I have in my life. It must be evident then, that I give a lot of love in my life. Funny that I wonder if I am giving enough...Just look around Laura!

My pursuit of happiness is accomplished today. There is something delightful about being out in the world accompanied by wonderful young women. The energy is so strong and the people around get a great hit from it. Yes, of course, they are beautiful as well.

Lunch, pedicure and coffee. Yep, happiness indeed.

We drove across the beautiful landscape. Many long hours and beautiful vistas were treasured. Independence Week. hmmm...Summertime road trip and lots of freedom to celebrate.

This blog may not make very much sense to those reading it. Not much continuity. It's more of a statement of experiences over the last few days that I wanted to be sure to get out into cyber space.

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