Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Home again

That was the best! All of it! Everything between the moment that I woke up this morning and the wee hours of last Thursday morning.

Summer road trip time! We left for a wedding in Colorado and returned to food growing with gusto and Iggy kitty greeting us in the morning. It seems he too took a vacation!
Things have evolved for me with the heat index! I am not allowing myself to be intimidated by the "potential" of a hot day. As it turned out we did not have to endure any outrageous heat. Thanks to air conditioning and a swift drive. So why put energy towards something like that? Just chill Laura!
What is all this about?
We drove through the high desert to get through the rocky mountains to the Denver area. Bonsall to Vegas to St. George to the I-70. The route is full of splendor and amazing beauty. How to fall deeper in love with the Creator. WOW!

That is a view from Bryce Canyon. A side trip on the way home. I like to take backroads when possible and a road trip sometimes can afford that. You've just gotta see this place. It is majestic and breathtaking.
I was here when Lily was my sling baby. It's been a while!

I want to remember this journey. I did not write while I was gone. There were many friends to see and no time without something going on.
I am looking forward to some quiet! We rocked and rolled for the many hours of the drive yesterday - the birdsongs will be just fine today!
Thankfully, the weeds are growing along with the squash and carrots!!
I will have the time to be. To reflect. To re-enter this lovely life here!

Breathing in that marine air.....loving sunny So. Cal.

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