Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Direction for the directed

I've been feeling like I am pushing a rock around a curvy steep grade. I haven't been able to put my finger on where that thought is coming from until this morning. I forgot that my life is light filled. That my choices are light filled and that light is emanating through me and my activities all the time. Oops! Regroup!

I ran away this week. Under the auspices of an inspection trip. One night away-grabbed in the crazy activities of a wild and sunny summer.

We have the entire garden ready to plant. We actually have food growing too! The way has been made to supply some more food for the beloved community we so cherish. Yep! That rocks!
In this new life I do not have to be the body that does the work! WhooHoo! The Universe provides and I keep on expanding my imagination.

Last night I ate at a most unusual restaurant. It is in Hollywood at Larchmont and Melrose. It is called Cafe Gratitude. It is the place you want to be in your life. Honored and treasured and loving your body temple with great organic local seasonal vegan yumminess!

It is right near Paramount studios and I'm sure the great creatives of our time enjoy eating there! I ate a dish called I am Warm-hearted. Polenta with fresh tomatoes. So good, I tell you!

Well, life contnus to teach me to be good to myself and to reframe my thoughts to allow my greatest to be what IS in my life.

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Love is the Truth between us.

What are you becoming?

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