Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Music-the craft that heals

Something marvelous happened this week. I wonder if you have heard.
During a visit to LA on Tuesday I sat in the car listening to NPR...the way the locals educate and stimulate during the periods of stop and go on the "free"ways. This story caught my attention and then it captured my imagination.

On Tuesday, the Israel Chamber Orchestra played Wagner's "Siegfried Idyll," alongside the Jewish national anthem Hatikva and works by Mahler and Mendelssohn (both Jewish composers) at a Wagner festival in Bayreuth, Germany. Roberto Paternostro, the conductor of the Orchestra is the son of a holocaust survivor. Many of the orchestra's members are themselves descendants of holocaust survivors.
I grew up knowing the stygma attached to Wagner's works...a child of post WWII America and the daughter of a classically trained opera singer. We didn't listen to Wagner.

This was an unprecedented concert. One that could not yet take place in Israel. In fact the musicians rehearsed the Wagner piece for just a few hours in Germany...not Israel...before the concert. The national psyche is so tender, rightly so.

I share this information for its impact. I see this as a great big giant shift into a new era of healed living. Yes..healed in the present tense. Did you catch the name of the conductor? Paternostro...Latin classes kick in...our father. As in the Divine Father stepping in to raise the awareness to be in a healing right now. Living in the precious present.

Just saying.

Music heals...

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