Sunday, November 27, 2011

Me Tummy Full.......

Sunday happy to reflect on another week gone by.
What a tremendous week it was.
Gratitude. Thanksgiving. Appreciation. Generosity.
These are the gifts from last week that I shall carry through the rest of the year.

This fantastic job of mine takes me on beautiful drives with vistas of the great big desert sky. There was something particularly magickal about the sky over the Coachella Valley last Wednesday morning. Not sure what it was, but I was smitten.
Gratitude for big blue skies and crystal clear views.

Thursday was a great day. We made one traditional dish and completely mashed up the rest. The winner of the day for me...Lily' s Mousse Au Chocolat. Oh! My! Heavens! She is good and I have got to be really careful in the coming weeks if she keeps it up.
Thanks I give for a big kitchen and dishes washed!

When I am smart enough to observe...messages are all around vying for my attention. I am learning the tradition of animal messages with the assistance of a few reference books. I appreciate the wisdom that these guides, both the books and the animals, offer.

A friend came to visit this weekend. We had such a great time together. He is so generous with his love...and that bottle of Jameson was a great addition to the liquor cabinet. It'll keep me warm this winter!!!

So, I leap into the coming week. Poised, primed and.......


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