Thursday, December 9, 2010

Burnin' down the house

Today's theme song, courtesy of David Byrne and Talking Heads:

Burnin' Down the House.

Mean Mr. J's house was burned down today. The dude was depressed to think that all of his possessions were gonna get toasted. A hoarder with so many things that he may not have remembered exactly what he had. Except for the highly explosive materials that could have blown a hole in Highway 15. Crazy! Glad for a prevailing wind that blows towards the east. Otherwise I would have been breathing all that stuff. High Drama!!!

Last night we had an impromptu dinner party. I always cook for a lot of hungry mouths anyway so there were no surprises there. Nothing on the table was from the farm and yet a great time was had by all. Our new friend Scott W. dropped off a load of compost and got here right in time to break bread with the family, Juan Carlos and Cyrus, who had just dropped by to get his CSA basket.
When I have an open heart and an open door the Good that comes into my life is overflowing. Great company, funny stories and lots of dirty dishes!!

Juan Carlos found the culprit that has been munching on my carrots and tonight is all our style.
First, clear out the weeds near the remaining seedlings. Second, get out the Bacillus Thuringensis and blast the hell out of them. Next, replant the carrots and pour boiling water on the seeds. I know that sounds crazy. I was thinking that the seeds would be freaked out. But, apparently they crack open more quickly and bring forth their bounty faster! I am all for that. It's gonna be hot this weekend and I need the assist!!

Juan Carlos has been here for 18 days and has made a gigantic contribution to our success. Thanks so much for all you did. Thanks for living in the chilly cabin/vamper and hanging out with our boisterous family. Brave soul. He's moving to a beautiful organic citrus and avocado ranch/dressage horse training facility in De Luz. The area is one of the most picturesque in the area. The guy is blessed. And so are we.
Hasta La Vista JC!

Gotta go wrangle some worms....bastards!

May they come back as higher beings.

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