Sunday, December 19, 2010


These photos show the before and after of the compost process. We take 5 gallon buckets and spill them along the bed. Then the tiler runs across the bed to mix it all up...not too much though! Delicious...

I can plan things really well. I have an eye for logistics. That said, all of the pieces have to fall together with grace when we are asking other people to jump in and assist too. When I don't have a hand in all of the components I allow serendipity to do her thing.
This week was full of crazy important have-to-do-them-now tasks. All week long we were racing the rain. We were also relying on our friends to let us use their trucks to accomplish the major tasks.
Wednesday we emptied a pickup truck full of compost onto all of the beds. Food for the hungry soil. Thursday we rented a rototiller and tilled the compost into the soil. Raking the beds was the next step. Friday we watched in wonder as the rain began to fall and the farm had its arms outstretched in great anticipation.
See why I haven't posted????

Looking back and writing about it days later adds a detached perspective. While I was in it I felt the whole activity of it humming around me in a glorious melody. It all fell into place in a lovely way.

We are happy for help from the lads, however much they offer. This last few months the farm has turned into our place, Scott's and mine. I think Joe is over it, as far as daily support. He's on for special projects. Sam, has his own projects and that's a whole different set of issues. Lily is great at making plans elsewhere and being snarky (sometimes) about getting the eggs. Whatever.
This is a team effort and it's how we are eating better food all the time. We shop less and eat more salads.
Perhaps the truth is that this is our farm now and they are on to different things. Looking at a new vision of it will help us with our next steps. Classes and tours are on the horizon.

The view across the San Luis Rey Valley today is so splendid that I can sit here for long stretches and stare. The tapestry of farmland shows shades of green that, under the dark gray clouds shrouding the De Luz hills, boggle the mind. The rain then blows across obscuring the longer view. Tremendous.

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