Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Self interest

How many ways do you like to eat cauliflower. While I was planting these babies on Monday I kept thinking about curry...and mashing them like potatoes...and soup...and more! I am crazy for cauliflower. Some of these babies are gonna be orange coloured...just for fun!

How selfish of me.
So much has been happening in my life in the last two weeks and I have yet to share any of it.
Well, it's not as if you haven't had plenty happening in your life over the Christmasextravaganzaness of your life.

I am sitting in the newly tidied and re-purposed office of our beautiful home. We took great advantage of the rain storms and dove in. Picture this, a crackling fire and order on our desktops. Really great for the end of the year. When we moved in we focused most of our attention, and still do, on the farm. The office is in what normal people would call the living room! We are so not normal around here, thus the creative space of an office where most people would sit for hours on end watching mind-numbing television.

We have enjoyed a respite from the crazy pre-Christmas rain. On Christmas Day we planted some food. That's a first. Usually we sit around eating all day. Then on Monday and Tuesday we planted some more. We were being inspired by yet another storm system headed our way. This is a great way to get us motivated! We are all set for a few days now. Good thing that! The ground is completely saturated and all the rainwater is headed into the creek. We filled our rainwater catchment barrels two weeks ago! Need a cistern!

I have decided to open the membership for the CSA again. We have a goodly amount of food growing now that we can share more with our friends. Fantastic.

So, off I go to write some thank you notes for good measure. You like getting them.....admit it!

Love is everywhere.

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  1. I love it...Wish I could get subscription from you...I need to look around here. Mau Farms is behind me, but I think I checked before and they don't do that...darn. I always forget to go to the Saturday AM farm market. I love you..whose that handsome white haired guy in this photo. XOXOXOXO