Sunday, December 12, 2010

What a week

It was a stellar week. One for the journal/diary of perpetuity.

There were meals of delicious food with such tremendous company that I am wondering if I am awake. Is this a dream? Were those oysters with champagne granita the most sublime thing I ate? Or was it the ravioli? The pinot had notes of spices that just knocked my socks off.

I shared a table with 13 astonishing people Saturday night. We are planning great things for the future of farming and sharing the knowledge of good farmers with eager younger farmer wanna-be type folks.
Heady stuff this.
The setting was a grand manse high above the Pacific shore in La Jolla. The players food enthusiasts all. Farmers, a farmers market entrepeneur, foodie magazine publishers, educators and lots of lawyers. The conversation was so exciting and full of potential.

I love living my life with such richness.

Step back to Monday night and there I was at yet another delicious meal. Jump forward to another night during the week and I found myself wondering why I go the the trouble of caring about the quality of the meal that I am preparing. What is it that moves me to make such an effort?
Please bear in mind, dear reader, that I have just completed a three week course in patience as each lunch and dinner that I prepared was covered, and I mean covered, with Tapatio sauce. Even the spaghetti. Not my family members, mind you.
His initials are JCC. He worked hard and I am grateful.
Bless him....a weed free garden....all old plants pulled.........bless him.


I feel a great strong momentum forming. I have been jettisoned forward and all I can do now is sit in the present and go about my by one.....until I am ready for a new list of tasks.

Life, please keep bringing on the great meals and stimulating conversation. Someone take me to lunch, tea or dinner. I could use some more conversation. The food is a great bonus.


Deck your halls!


  1. Sounds full, rich stimulating... You are blessed...teach and inspire the new Gen of farmers...right on! Great plan! Thank you!

  2. I signed a contract with the Queen of England this week. I've been asked to do my ABC's of Workng With Brokers class for the Canadian Consolate of San Fran...Canada is part of the UK!! Hence contract states, that I will do ex work for the Queen, etc. I will remember this day for a long time! Thank you for letting me share this interesting bit.