Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eat. Eat some more. Or maybe less!...Nah!!!

It's the season to eat splendid meals, party, celebrate, watch parades. Not that I require a season or a reason for all of that.
I'm breathing for heaven's sake!

Do you remember that old Andy Williams recording of "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?" I sang it in high school, so the lyrics are buried in my brain. It played on Pandora's Swinging Christmas playlist the other day. I had a great time singing along. Thankfully, I had reached a place where I was ready to hear it and partially agree.

Really, the whole year is wonderful for me!!!

This last weekend was the kick off. Two parades on Saturday. yippee!! That's a pic of the lowrider club guy that did two donuts on three wheels. Oh! my!!!
I big blow out holiday party at Stone World Bistro and Gardens. My eldest, Joe, is a lead busser there. He LOVES his job, by the way. We are the beneficiaries of his love of beer and have learned a lot and had quite a few tasty beers over the last few months..thanks Joe.Imagine my delight when he invited me to be his date. We have a great time together and love good food and good beer. Perfect combo!
The party was incredible. Team Stone was celebrated with delicious food, a rockin' cool beer list, a great jazz trio playing in the brew room. Best of all for the servers...a catering company that served them! I overheard quite a few people saying that it was great to be served by someone. Hmmmmmm!

Last night was the Slow Food San Diego Natale dinner. Paolo is the empresario/owner of the trattoria. The menu was sensational and the flavors were tremendous. So grateful to share the table with terrific company and out of this world food. The other photo is a wheel of Grana Padano cheese that is being warmed to "finish' the risoto with radicchio. That was the simplest, dish of the evening. Needless to say, I left the event quite sated.

So, the month of revelry has begun.

Bring it on. I am ready.

And on another note....I am ready to have a crop of carrots sprout and grow. I know how to do this.
Thanks for the lessons carrot devas.
Enough already.
I've got kids to feed!!!!!

Moving towards the light.

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