Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Salad daze

Yesterday was so much fun. We had major garden goddess energy here at the farm. The gifted-to-us plants are headed out to gardens at schools in Fallbrook. The lovely ladies who grow healthy food...rather than the "ladies who lunch"...came to fill trays with transplants. The love energy and fun energy was vibrating baybee. What a great morning. I propelled myself into my work here with that great energy. Leeks and red pac choi are settling into their new places and look quite happy today!

We have this joke in our family. It goes something like this. When Scott met me I ate salad. Sure, I did. My salad was the lettuce, onion and tomato between the bun and the burger. The dressing...well, you get the picture.
Is there a jingle running in your head from a worldwide homo-menu-ish Scottish restaurant? Or some kind of faux royalty?

Today, a whole different picture has emerged. I am CRAZY for salad. I am especially crazy for the lettuce-from-my-garden salads. The leaves are multi-coloured and there is not a leaf of iceberg anywhere nearby. Perish the thought.

The week after thanksgiving is my week to run away from carbs-screaming. Or is it a mantra that I am chanting? Funny enough, I am highly disinterested in eating any. Or very many anyway.

So, there you have it. It's gonna be love-my-salad-month in December. Dee-licious-ember!

My friend calls it Now-vember. It was a daily reminder to be in the NOW. Thanks for that.
It was a fabulous month.

I'll Be Here Now...How about you?

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