Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Next phase

Tomatoes. Eggplants. Peppers. All gone.
We pulled all of the last of the summer plants yesterday. It is the big autumn turn for our urban farm. You know how you hope and wish that the weather will hold on to give you a few more fruits? I am an optimist and waited long after there was any hope of more fruit. So silly!!
We have been joined by a farmer from Peru. He is staying with us for a while and helping is to push the farm forward for the winter. We rocked yesterday and got so much done. It would have taken Scott and I days to do the same amount of work.
In the process of that work and connection yesterday I am feeling restored. I love my work outside and relish the experiences. As I work I feel information and guidance come to me about what I am to do next. I have been taking my ideas in one direction and telling myself a story about too much shade here in the winter. Well, yesterday turned the page for me. I am working with new eyes on the possibilities. Juan wants to assist us in cutting the ginormous eucalyptus trees that cast so much shade. That opens up a whole new set of ideas for what we can do this winter.
If you can see the photo well enough take a close look. This is part of the bounty shared with us from a local organic greenhouse. Last week we got that wonderful call. "Come and pick up the plants before we throw them out"!
Bonanza for us. For Fallbrook Organic Gardens. For the Temecula School Gardens sponsored by Slow Food Temecula Valley. So many winners here. Hundreds of plants. I love in an abundant universe and my gratitude is deeeeeeep!

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