Friday, November 19, 2010


I am grabbing a quick minute to share some love.
To do list is waaaaaayyyyyyy toooooooooo loooooooonnnnnnggggg.

I am happy to greet today with my sweet husband returned from his trip to San Francisco/Berkeley/Oakland. Blessed am I to wake up with him.
We had a blast last night. The "power" company traded LED christmas lights for old style incandescents so we went to get that done.
(How to not feel badly about bringing in the light during the holidaze).
We cruised the Oceanside Sunset Market and had a street vendor dinner. I had pancit and lumpia.....yuuummm! Sitting on the curb enjoying the crowd. At that level you get to say hi to all the kids in strollers and the dogs!
It was fun because we have been spending most of our time being business partners....that is good for us, mind you. We get to create a balance of other types of fun, you know? I wonder what we'll do next. Our friends just went on a zip line....hmmmmm. Do I have that kind of whimsy/courage.

Sam got the chicken pasture planted yesterday. He broadcast the seed and covered it with the straw mulch from our friend's lasagne garden. Full on organic matter. The chickens will be thrilled to eat it.
Last week we lost two hens to the racoons. This is the strategy that the girls, and possibly a couple of guys, have adopted to ensure their survival. They are all sleeping in the tree above the chicken area. At sunset they all line up and jump up onto the branches. They snuggle up and off to sleep they go.
Yes, we have a plan to build a bigger cage for them. That will happen...maybe even next week.

Livin' the dream....waitin' on the rain.
What's on your to do list.....

Be Love....pass it on.....

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  1. Beautiful Bliss on so many levels with your beloved. I love you sweet soul!!