Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I took Lily to the polls today. It is an exercise in imprinting that Scott and I have done each election year since the proj were young. We go as a family to vote. It occurs to me that that is how we teach the youth about the responsibility of the thing! Today it was the girls in the morning and the guys in the afternoon.
Gracious, though, I am not happy with how these election months go. I am blessed to be TV free so I am not inundated by too many ads. Instead, the time that I spend on the internet is the place to be whacked upside the head with these ads. Pandora must have made a ton of money because the ads came on just about every other song! Yikes.
I live in the land of possibilities and positive thinking. I have been having fun imagining if the politicians lived here too and how they would run their campaigns. For one, it wouldn't be a campaign. Then, we would have....what would it be called? They would not be battling it out. It would not be a match up! Just remove all the words and phrases of war and violence and what would you have? A whole new paradigm, a new era for this fantastic experience of life. See, possibilities! I love it.

I am headed to Phoenix today for my last farm inspection trip of the year. Thankfully I did not have to go through a scanner at the airport. Scott did it earlier this week when he flew to Sacramento. I am thinking that my airline travel days will be a less frequent thing in the coming years. Mainly because I do not like the idea of walking through the scanner. So intrusive, so horrid. Really people? Are you serious. The alternative is....a pat down. UGGGH!


'Nuff about that.

It's an historic day in California and my prayer to the Creator/Infinite Wisdom/Oneness is that the great state of California thrives.

Give a smile.

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