Monday, November 8, 2010

Slowing down

Sometimes life can just creep up and push me over. It happened to me this weekend. I thought I was experiencing some kind of allergy symptoms and I don't like the idea of having any allergies so I guess that means I'm living in denial about it. I live in a beneficial universe so why would anything be against me, right? Well, whatever this "thing" knocked me over for the whole day yesterday. No desire to get anything done or to go anywhere or to talk to anyone!
I sat under my favourite blankie all day long. It was great to sit still and allow myself to heal. I love that blankie. It's from Ikea. It was in a flier that came in the mail years ago and fell in love. A gotta-have-it kind of love. So, when it cools enough to put that blankie on my bed I get a happy feeling. Odd? Maybe. Whatever, you have something that makes you that happy. I know you do.

We are planting some yummy winter crops that will be so delicious to eat and really fun to watch grow. The broccoli is from a fine young man who was at Esalen for a while. He's a Permaculture God in California. We are aspiring to the permaculture model here. It will take some time and I am not sure how long we will be at this lovely place. Therefore we go in baby steps and do what we can. Soil building is crucial at this point. We are giving the soil strong nutrients to feed the plants. Before we arrived it was a race track for my neighbors. Golf carts, small trucks and motorbikes. I prefer our use...

Give yourself a nice deep breath. And maybe a good cup of tea!

Love love love

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