Thursday, November 11, 2010


I am crazy in love with my family.
We live in a beautiful place. Physically and mentally. And spiritually.
Our year has been one amazing day after another. Living in the grace of the Divine Presence. I keep seeing one thing after another showing me that God is in everything. Everything. If you don't like the word God...put in your own substitute. Life. Oneness. Love.

That's what it all is anyway. Love.

The love in my family gets kinda heated sometimes. We are a passionate brood and we get into heated conversations and exchanges. The thing that is always there, though, is the deep and profound love that we have for one another.
Our lives are moving in a lot of directions and the thing that keeps us grounded is this beautiful farm. This sweet piece of ground that has blessed us with bounty after bounty of delicious fruit and vegetables.

So, my call today is to remind you of the sweetness of your life. Look, seek and find those treasures. They are large and small. Wrap your consciousness into the sweetness. Savor it.

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