Thursday, November 25, 2010

Living in gratitude

Not even a minute to get to the blogosphere yesterday.
It dawned on me on Monday that I would be well served to start cooking on Wednesday. Good call Laura!
Yesterday I made the gravy....don't be shocked! It's delicious. I'll enhance it after we roast the turkey today. Lily made a gorgeous apple pie and I made two fresh pumpkin pies. Sam and I grew 4 sugar pie pumpkins this summer and we'll see how sugar and pie they really are! The potato casserole is started and now I gotta get on the rolls so they have time to rise.

It occurs to me that I was slipping into a weird funk last night and I am pulling myself up to a different place today. So I am gonna count a few of my blessings here. The ones that I am willing to make public.
Some others I will take to a silent place for a few moments before I jump into day two of prep for the feast!

I am so profoundly happy and thankful to be living in this beautiful house with my family. The farm that surrounds it is a beautiful canvas for my art and it is humming in anticipation of the coming weeks' activities. I am thrilled to have the friends, loved ones all, that fill my life with laughter and great company. I eat food that I have the ability and desire to grow. There are baskets of yummy foods all over my kitchen. The bounty that surrounds me is amazing. It doesn't have anything to do with 5th Avenue, the Associated Press, activities in the nation's capitol or the latest fashion trend. It is a creation directed by the Divine. Nothing could be better!

I love Thanksgiving. It stands apart for me as my fave holiday. ALl across the country we gather around the chosen table to feast together. Somewhere between Norman Rockwell and yesterday's LA Times political cartoon Wherever that is! We all think, maybe a little bit or a lot, about what we have. We break bread. We laugh. We nap! It's heaven!

So Happy Thanksgiving All. May the bounty of Life bless you and your kin.

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